How-to Get a Thai Driving License

If you ever rent a motorbike in Thailand it’s actually incredibly rare that you’ll ever be asked to produce any documentation that states you are capable of driving the thing. Nobody seems to care that much about driving licenses. Amongst Chiang Mai circles I’ve never heard of anyone being asked to produce one – and even if they did then it’s not something a couple of hundred baht wouldn’t solve. Read more

Handling Those Holiday Haircuts

We can be quite precious about our hair. We know how we like it and know how we don’t. The attempts of anybody trying to convince us that our hair looks good when we believe the mirror we’re staring into is telling us otherwise are usually met with scepticism and distrust. A ‘bad hair cut’ can mortify us. It can kick us in the nuts and steal our confidence as we drop to the floor on our knees. Read more